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Experience the Charm of Carnlough Village in Northern Ireland

Nestled along the stunning Antrim coastline lies the charming village of Carnlough, Northern Ireland. This hidden gem in County Antrim is full of history, natural beauty, and plenty of craic!

Our tour begins just outside the Londonderry Arms Hotel, an 1848 railway tavern originally owned by Winston Churchill himself. Step inside to see the famous Prime Minister's deeds still hanging on the walls.

Venture into the heart of Carnlough village to soak in the quaint atmosphere. Pop into local shops like the Spar store for snacks, or peruse the harborfront art stands showcasing paintings by local Carnlough artists. For fans of Game of Thrones, a must-see is the Braavos Canal where Arya Stark was stabbed in season six.

Hungry after exploring Carnlough village? Grab a hearty lunch at the delightful Harbor Light Cafe overlooking the picturesque harbor, or sip on a cuppa at the Twilight Bunkhouse Tea Room.

Of course, no visit to Carnlough Co Antrim is complete without a boat tour. Climb aboard one of the local vessels and cruise along the stunning Antrim coastline for amazing seaside views. It's a terrific way to experience the area's natural beauty.

From its rich history to its scenic coastline, Carnlough village has something for everyone. Let Belfast Causeway Tours show you this charming seaside village in Northern Ireland on our expertly guided North Coast tours. With luxury vehicles and bespoke private trips, we promise memories that will last a lifetime.

Carnlough Village FAQs:

Where is Carnlough located?

Carnlough is a small seaside village located on the stunning Antrim Coast in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

What are top attractions in Carnlough?

How far is Carnlough from Belfast?

What is there to do in Carnlough?

Discover the beauty of Carnlough for yourself! View our website to learn more and book your North Coast tour of this charming seaside village in Northern Ireland today.

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